Servicing Lake Ridge, Woodbridge, Occoquan and Lorton, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Long working hours and lengthy commutes can mean a long day for your dog as well.

So why should your dog get a mid-day walk?

When most people think about why their dog might benefit from a mid-day dog walk the most common reasons that come to mind are a potty break and exercise.   A mid-day dog walk or backyard playtime may be a small detail, but it can make a big difference to a dog left alone at home if you have a long work-day.

Providing a mid-day dog walk of twenty to forty minutes during the workday not only helps to satisfy the dog’s activity requirement but can give the pet parent a reprieve on days when you can’t or just don’t want to run home after work and take your dog for a good walk.

isolated jack russell terrier holding leather leach over white background

30 Minute Mid-Day Dog Walks from $18

Monday to Friday 8-3

Your pup and I will take a long walk for 30 minutes and I’ll take a picture and give you a status every day.

I’ll also make sure there’s fresh water in their bowl and I’ll feed him/her if that’s appropriate to the day’s schedule.  Of course, there will be a little playtime and a treat!

Shorter or longer walks are available, just inquire

Drop-In Service from $18

A 30 Minute visit to give your pup a potty break, feed and fill their water bowl.  Plus give them a short walk and lots of play time.

If you are traveling we must plan for 2-3 visits per day, one early AM, Mid-Day, and evening.

Adventure Walks $40

Starting in Mid-August 2020 I will be offering adventure walks in the local parks and forests. Let your pup enjoy several hours wandering the woods with an occasional water visit depending on location. Planned visits include Prince William Forest, Lake Ridge Park, Occoquan Regional Park and other dog friendly locations. Spots will be limited and I plan to start at 9AM to beat the heat. Adventure visits are priced at $40.

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