Fireworks cause many lost pets!

It’s already summer and nearly the Fourth of July, which means America is in the midst of fireworks season.

 Understand how sensitive a dog’s ears are, and help them by drowning out the noise. Find a quiet, comfortable area for your pet indoors and turn on the TV or radio to help reduce the ability for them to hear the fireworks. This includes making sure all windows, screens, and doors are closed tightly.

Spend as much time exercising your dog during the day as you can, so that when the fireworks start at night, they may be too tired to be stressed by it. Even if your dog does not have a history of fear over fireworks and loud sounds, do not be complacent if they are outside with you. Make absolutely sure they cannot get out of their harness or collar should they panic.

A panic attack can happen suddenly in a pet’s life, even when it has not happened in the past. Sadly, many dogs become lost after running away from loud noises like fireworks. For this reason, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) suggests making sure your dog’s ID info is up to date, in case they do escape your grasp during a fireworks incident.