The Break Down of Dog Walks

Dogs have individual needs in order to be mentally and physically healthy. They need a reasonable level of physical exercise, and they need to use their brains and senses to engage in natural “doggy” behaviors. They need to play!. They need companionship and relationships (whether with humans or other animals).

So we invented the dog walk as a convenient way for us to provide for these needs in a simple, enjoyable, and efficient package. All of these necessary things are provided in thirty minutes or an hour, a couple of times a day. And for many dogs – and their guardians – it is a model that works well.

For a Break Down “walk,” we go back to the basic needs, and we work out how we will meet them in a way that feels safe for the dog and us. They don’t have to happen all at once. Exercise can be achieved through one activity, brainwork another, play another, training another, and so on – though, in reality, most activities will meet more than one need.

22192 Pet Care have designed our Adventure Walks to compliment the walks you already give your dog and enhance their basic needs.  We explore and hike in local forests and waterways in Lake Ridge, Occoquan, and Lorton, Virginia.   To find out more about our offerings please contact us.