Welfare and behavior – ensuring dogs are protected


The dog’s physical health and mental well being is a priority at all times.

Dogs may have specific conditions that will affect their ability to go for walks, as will their age. Every dog has individual personalities and characteristics which will affect how they are walked, who they can walk with, and where they can be walked. Some dogs do not interact well with other dogs, people or other species.   Some dogs become worried in some situations are where loud noises are present.  22192 Pet Care are professionals in accessing the needs of their clients and providing superior pet care in Lake Ridge, Woodbridge, Lorton, and Occoquan, Virginia. 

22192 Pet Care makes it a requirement to meet the dog and taking them on a brief walk before accepting them as a client so we understand the needs of the dog and the desires of the owner.  We ask appropriate questions to access the dog’s health, medical issues, allergies, likes and dislikes.  Meet and Greats lead to a positive experience for the dog, the owner and the pet care provider.

Professional dog walking is becoming an increasingly common service due to the changing habits of the general population and a heightened awareness of animal welfare.   22192 Pet Care gives its full attention at all times to the dog under our custody, care, and control.  We maintain up to date first aid and CPR training and are familiar with the signs of disease, infection, and illness.  And a first aid kit is always close at hand.

22192 Pet Care carries a fully charged cell phone and has emergency contact numbers accessible if ever needed.  We utilize GPS tracking software to record the time and distance for all walks and share these with our clients, along with a picture or two.

So reach out and contact us. Your first walk is free

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